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    Swim Lessons

    2019 Season

    We believe that most kids benefit most from group swim lessons, as they can learn from their peers and relax in the positive, encouraging, and fun social atmosphere. Group swim lessons are for ages 2 and up, we will group by skill level.  In order for sessions to occur - must have at least 4 students minimum.

    Weekend Swim Lessons

    Weekend Session 1 - Saturdays and Sundays 2:00-3:00pm (6 hours total) - Please email your interest by Wednesday June 26th

    June 29-30

    July 6-7

    July 13-14

    Weekend Session 2 - Saturdays and Sundays 3:00-4:00pm (6 hours total) - Please email your interest by Wednesday July 10th
    July 20-21

    July 27-28

    Aug 3-4

    Weekday Swim Lessons

    Weekday Session 1 - M/W/F 6:30-7:30pm (6 hours total) - Please email your interest by Wednesday June 26th
    July 1, 3, 5

    July 8, 10, 12

    Weekday Session 2 - M/W/F 6:30-7:30pm (6 hours total) - Please email your interest by Wednesday July 10th

    July 15, 17, 19

    July 22, 24, 26

    Cost: Each session is $75 for members; $100 for non-members

    Sign up: Sign up by emailing us at or by stopping by the pool for the "sign up binder." Include your child's name and age, and your email and phone number. We will call you the week prior to confirm your attendance.

    Pay: You can pay at the first lesson with check, cash, or card. Please come a little early or stay a little late to take care of this.

    What do I need to bring?

    - Swimsuit
    - Towel
    - Goggles (optional)
    - Small toy (optional - great ice breaker and bonding)

    We will provide kickboards that are used in lessons. We don't use "swimmies" or other such wearable floatation aids in swim lessons. It's often best to not even bring them along to the lesson. If your child is "addicted" to swimmies, bring them but be sure to explain that swimmies help you float but kickboards help you swim FAST, so we use kickboards!

    Also you can let your child pick out a small toy to bring to the lessons to show their swim teacher. We've got a little time built into each lesson for this chance to bond.

    How do I prepare my child for lessons

    It's so helpful if you practice "swimming" at bath time. Pour water over her head and then teach her to put her face in the water, blow bubbles, and back float. Water is fun! Say - "Wouldn't it be fun to show your teacher this skill at swim tomorrow?!"

    What if my child cries?

    Let's face it, sometimes kids cry. It's important to stay calm and stick with it. Don’t stop swim lessons if your child cries. Remember that swim lessons are a life-saving skill and just as important as wearing a seatbelt.

    If you feel uneasy or anxious watching your little one cry, then your swimmer may pick up on that. Try to remain calm. Sit in a lounge chair and read a book or magazine, look up and smile from the sidelines to your little swimmer. If your child constantly looks at you instead of their teacher, consider moving under the pavilion or to the far side of the pool, so that your swimmer can focus on the lesson.

    Remind yourself that soon they will be more comfortable with their instructor and in the water and won’t have those tears. And then, your child will begin to enjoy swim lessons and gain confidence in the water. After all, that's why you're here!

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