7/22 Results and Tmrw Reminders


    Today's older kid session was another wonderful day of swimming! Congrats to all of our swimmers. We had so many best times!

    I’m going to attach a few documents to this email: Yesterday’s results, Today’s results, and the timeline for finals tomorrow. Please please please go through the documents and see if your swimmers are coming back. TOP 16 will come back to swim in finals! 17th and 18th seeds will be first and second alternate. If you’re an alternate, you must show up! We expect all of our swimmers who qualified for finals to be back tomorrow. 

    If you have questions or concerns about finals tomorrow please text one of these numbers below! We need to know information as far in advance.

    Coach Harper: 865-567-7068

    Coach Zack: 865-200-9944

    Kimberly Evers: 865-660-1193

    Finals day (7/23) details:

    -Arrive around 7am, meet starts at 9am

    -All out GP theme for 14 and unders

    -All out pink theme for 15 and ups 

    -Warmups TBD

    Lastly, go ahead and rsvp for the banquet tmrw night! It will be a whole lot of fun. We will be handing out awards, watching the summer slideshow, and having dinner. Hope everyone can make it!

    One more day left, Go Sharks!!!!

    Coach Harper 

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